What's Travelography?


The word says all. You see, travel and photography always go hand in hand. You cannot separate the one from the other. But this definitely doesn't mean that they are one same thing. They are similar but yet so different, you know what I mean. They say that "Eyes are the best cameras and memories are the best pictures." Well, I don't think it's entirely true. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not denying this. But I think it's not always possible to remember everything through memories, at-least for me.

When we travel we discover new things. We not just see them, we feel them going deep into our minds and affecting us in a way no person can do. And so we wish to click a picture just so we never forget the feeling we had when we actually saw it. Pictures are our memories which can never be forgotten. Even if we visited that place long back, the memories behind every clicked picture is still alive in our mind.

The most beautiful part of traveling is seeing the same things at different places. The view and the colors of the world. The colors, they delight me and inspire me to look at everything with a little more love and passion. The world around us has so many astounding things which can keep us wondering for years. 

I capture everything that is very simple and yet very different. I am am amateur photographer but I wish to grow. I am growing everyday. I am learning. Every picture I take is how I learn. I see things, perspective, ideas, visions and try to capture them through my lens. I am going to travel a lot more and keep doing what I love. I hope you like what I do.

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